Dana White confirms UFC looking to remove early weigh-ins(Read MMA)



グリコ パワープロダクション エキストラ バーナー 運動燃焼系サプリメント 180粒
グリコ パワープロダクション エキストラ バーナー 運動燃焼系サプリメント 180粒
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Miesha Tate delivers baby girl after ‘67 hours’ of labor(MMAFighting)

Finally... after over 67 hours of Labor, my love of my life has arrived, Amaia Nevaeh Nuñez... Amaia meet the World🌎...Daddy Vows to love you, protect you and Never leave you!! I am dedicating my life to loving you, Cherishing you, Inspiring you and Teaching you what I have learned early and in the later of my life. I am confident that you won’t take this life for granted, and I know when you get where your going in life... you won’t forget to turn around and help the next one in line!! We will teach you, by example, to be Humble and Kind... just like your momma! GO GET EM BABY GIRL! The world is yours! #godsplan #helloworld #happybirthdayamor #myqueen #Humble&Kind #Amaia #Nuñez #myworld #sundayfunday *thank you all for respecting this whole tough amazing process, we love each and everyone of you! 😘special thanks to Janelle @icutvegas for being the greatest support system!

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It’s difficult for me to put words to what I’m feeling. I had the fight of my life bringing my daughter into this world. I labored for 60 hours at home and made such little progress dilating that I had to be transported to the hospital. It was 62 hours before I had any relief from the pain, shaking & puking. And 72 hours total until I birthed our little Amaia. It wasn’t the way I wanted it but sometimes you have to switch the game-plan, I still feel like I won because she’s safe and so perfect. I can’t thank my support team enough for pulling the long hours with me. We did it! 6/3/2018 Happy Birthday Amaia! I can’t wait to give you everything I have to offer, I’ll start with my whole heart 💜 #youaremyworld #mydaughter #babygirl #iloveyou #firsttimemommy #family #blessed

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『UFC Fight Night 131』サム・アルヴィー vs. ジャン・ヴィランテのジャッジの採点/主要サイトの採点

Sam Alvey defeats Gian Villante(MMA Decisions)

 『UFC Fight Night 131: Rivera vs. Moraes』サム・アルヴィー vs. ジャン・ヴィランテのジャッジの採点。Eric ColonとDave Tirelliが1,2Rアルヴィー、3Rヴィランテで29-28アルヴィー勝利。Tim Corradoが1Rアルヴィー、2,3Rヴィランテで29-28ヴィランテ勝利でした。


鉄鍋のジャン!!2nd(3) (ドラゴンコミックスエイジ)
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『UFC Fight Night 131: Rivera vs. Moraes』の平均視聴者数が判明

UFC Fight Night 131 draws 517,000 viewers(MMAPayout)

 東部時間6月1日午後10時からFOX Sports 1が生中継した『UFC Fight Night 131: Rivera vs. Moraes』の平均視聴者数は51万7000人だったとのこと。午後8時から10時まで同じくFOX Sports 1が生中継した前座の平均視聴者数は32万2000人だったそうです。

視聴率の正しい使い方 (朝日新書)
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