UFC 208イアン・マッコールの対戦相手がジャレッド・ブルックスに変更

Indiana newcomer Jarred Brooks in for Neil Seery vs. Ian McCall at UFC 208 in Brooklyn(MMAJunkie)

Jarred Brooks(Sherdog)

 UFCが2月11日にニューヨーク州ブルックリンで開催する『UFC 208: Holm vs. de Randamie』でイアン・マッコールと対戦予定だったニール・シーリーが欠場、代わりにジャレッド・ブルックスがマッコールと対戦することを発表。

 ジャレッド・ブルックスは現在23歳のアメリカ人でMMA戦績12勝0敗。今回がUFCデビュー戦。昨年は2度来日しており、『WSOF-GC 2 Japan』では猿丸ジュンジに、『PANCRASE 281』では潤鎮魂歌にそれぞれ2ラウンドで勝利しています。

ブルックリン 2枚組ブルーレイ&DVD(初回生産限定) [Blu-ray]
ブルックリン 2枚組ブルーレイ&DVD(初回生産限定) [Blu-ray]
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I will be officially retiring from the sport of MMA. This past year a routine brain scan showed up evidence of an abnormality, the remnant of a small haemorrhage that had taken place at some point in the months previous. It would be unlikely I would be medically cleared to compete again, even in the event I could find a doctor who would clear me it would be very unwise for me to continue to compete with the risks involved. My career has ended prematurely but I’m very grateful for my long list of achievements, I am and will always be ‘Ais the first’ for so many things, my legacy set in stone in the history of Irish mixed martial arts. I am the countries first ever world champion, the first and only female to ever do it. I have and always will give back to the sport which has given me so much. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the fans who have supported me tirelessly through various parts of the journey. Without this support there is no sport of MMA as we know it. I would like to thank my good friends and close team mates, there is no substitute for the genuine loyalty built between people over years of blood, sweat and tears. I am truly most grateful for my wonderful family, who were there to pick up the pieces throughout my entire career and especially now when my dream fell apart. This would have been intolerable without their help, emotionally and financially. They say you can’t choose family but I would want no other. Now starts the next chapter of my life. I’m very fortunate to have grown up within such an outstanding organisation as SBG. I am equipped with the skills to be an exceptional coach and member of the martial arts community and I look forward to seeing what challenges lie ahead for me. “New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”― Lao Tzu #TheQueenofIrishMMA #AisTheFirst #SBG #happy #proud #grateful #MMA #UFC #retirement #worldchampion #blackbelt #legend

Aisling Dalyさん(@aisydaly)が投稿した写真 -


Aisling Daly(Sherdog)

 アシュリング・デイリーは現在29歳のアイルランド人。SBGアイルランド所属でコナー・マクレガー、グンナー・ネルソンらとチームメイトです。MMA戦績16勝6敗、UFC戦績2勝1敗。TUF 20に参加しており準々決勝まで進出しています。2015年10月の『UFC Fight Night 76: Holohan vs. Smolka』でエリカ・アルメイダに判定勝ちした試合がラストマッチとなりました。『UFC Fight Night 93: Arlovski vs. Barnett』でミシェル・ウォーターソンと対戦予定だったものの負傷欠場しています。

ありがとう黒田 引退記念グラフ
ありがとう黒田 引退記念グラフ
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Floyd Mayweather responds to Conor McGregor: ‘Let’s give the fans what they want to see’(MMAFighting)





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デイナ・ホワイト「UFC抜きでマクレガー vs. メイウェザーを強行するのはあり得ない」



Dana White: Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather promotion without UFC would be ‘epic fall’(MMAFighting)



「実現するかって? 可能性としては今度のスーパーボウルで(ニューイングランド・ペイトリオッツの)トム・ブレイディが控えに回るのと同じくらいだな(それくらいあり得ない)」

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